Commerciale LMV srl, founded in Padua in 1974, deals since its founding with the production and sale of consumables and egarage equipment. The company, constantly engaged in research and development activities to offer advanced, reliable and safe products and services, has been proudly pursuing its motto for almost 50 years:

Quality makes its way.

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Sales force

We are a team of 80 plus professionals including technically trained employees and agents who, day after day, strive to satisfy all customer needs and wants. To do this, our sales force makes use of a fully equipped van for the immediate sale of goods directly at our customers place of work, thus reducing waiting times for the delivery of goods and the need to stock.

Speed of intervention and customer visit frequency

Visiting customers several times a month for the sale of consumables allows us to check the correct functioning of the equipment present in the workshop, and possibly to solve small operating problems. When necessary, LMV Service srl technicians intervene to ensure perfect functioning of installed equipment.

Constant and continuous training

Commerciale LMV srl has always focused on the high level of preparation and professionalism of the team, placing continuous training not only as a goal but as a priority.


Our warehouse is spread over an area of approximately 2600m2, thanks to a fully computerized system we are able to guarantee a fast and timely supply.

About 4000 items are handled every day, which are subsequently registered and coded by our staff through the use of optical readers to be eventually downloaded and sent. This allows us to drastically reduce the margin of error.

Sales office

Our offices have about twenty collaborators who work within the administrative department, the purchasing department, the accounting department, the Hunter Engineering Company® equipment department and the graphics and communication department.

Commerciale LMV srl today

Commerciale LMV srl is engages constantly in research and development activities in order to offer advanced, reliable and safe products and services under every respect. Our constant commitment to pursue our customers has led us to continuous growth which mirrors in the following numbers:

Surface squared meters
Different consumables
Specialized workers
Vans equipped with consumables
Service vans
Machinery and equipment delivery vans
Demo Truck