LMV Service srl was founded in 2000 as an internal division of Commerciale LMV srl, to then develop from 2006 as a separate company. It has always been involved with the installation and management of the warrantees of the best-selling brands on the Italian market.

LMV Service srl is at the service of all of Italy. A dozen technicians deal directly with on-site assistance, service, repair of small equipment (screwdrivers, torque wrenches, lifters, compressors, etc.) and air systems and machinery for customers located between Northern Italy and Tuscany. A network of authorized external centers manages requests from central and southern Italy, islands included, with professionalism and competence.

LMV Service srl and Hunter Engineering Company ® plan and carry out a continuous process of professionalization and training of their staff. This takes place at the headquarters of Commerciale LMV srl in Padua, at the headquarters of Hunter Engineering Company ® in Germany, or at the headquarters in the United States of America in St. Louis.

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