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LMV Service srl was established in 2000 as an internal division of Commerciale LMV srl, which was an authorised Corghi centre at the time.

In 2006 , for better management, the two companies were split up, thus founding LMV Service srl, ISO 9001 certified, which from now on will deal with equipment installation and service, as well as repair and warranty management of the best-selling brands on the Italian market.

Authorised Service Hunter Engineering Company

Since 2017, following the exclusivity agreement between Commerciale LMV srl and the US company, LMV Service srl has specialised in Hunter Engineering Company® brand products.

LMV Service srl and Hunter Engineering Company ® plan and carry out a continuous process of professionalisation and updating of their staff. This takes place at the headquarters of Commerciale LMV srl in Padua, at the headquarters of Hunter Engineering Company ® in Germany, or at the headquarters in the United States of America in St. Louis.

Speed of intervention and widespread presence in the territory

LMV Service srl serves the whole of Italy. A dozen or so technicians work within LMV Service srl dealing directly with on-site assistance, maintenance, repair of small equipment (screwdrivers, torque spanners, lifters, compressors, etc.) and air systems and machinery for customers located between Northern Italy and Tuscany. Thanks to a network of authorised external centres, which constantly collaborate with LMV Service srl, it is possible to handle requests from Central and Southern Italy, including the islands, with professionalism and competence.

Quality Policy

LMV SERVICE was created to respond to the service and maintenance needs of tyre workshops in a flexible, fast and capable manner.

Our values are fairness, transparency, sharing andmutual help in solving problems. Our philosophy is to work with order, professionalism, punctuality, cleanliness, precision and efficiency.

We want to reach and achieve customer satisfaction through:

  • Broadening technical knowledge

  • Staff competence

  • Speed of intervention

  • Spare parts availability

  • Extensive assistance

  • Continuous commitment to improvement, through new management analyses

LMV SERVICE SRL is committed to improving and maintaining an effective UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System:

  • Maintaining a high level of quality

  • Expanding the customer portfolio



In the 1990s, Commerciale LMV srl was recognised as an authorised Corghi centre. From the early 2000s, the company began to expand and also dedicated itself to the installation and maintenance of machinery.


For better management of the company, the two 'areas of expertise' were split up in 2006. Thus, LMV Service srl was founded, certified ISO 9001, which will take care of technical assistance on machinery.


Thanks to the growing skills and competences of its technicians, LMV Service srl supports the sales and distribution of equipment on a daily basis and with great commercial commitment.


Following the exclusivity agreement between Commerciale LMV srl and the US-based Hunter Engineering Company®, LMV Service srl specialises in the installation, service and maintenance, and warranty management of Hunter brand products.


From January 2020, the company moves to its new headquarters, a complex in the industrial area of Due Carrare (Padua) that combines LMV Commercial and LMV Service in the same structure.


LMV Service srl serves the whole of Italy, thanks to a network of authorised external technicians and centres that handle service, maintenance and repair requests with professionalism and competence.

LMV Service srl

Via A. De Curtis, 12A
35020 Due Carrare - Padova
049 8862987

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